I Am
Nikith Nath

I’m Nikith Nath, hence the “Nsquared”, a self-taught photographer, born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

I’ve always had a taste for photography ever since my childhood, and that grew immensely when my dad gifted me my first DSLR in December 2012. My first photos were of nature and landscapes just like any other newbie until I started experimenting more with portraiture using acquaintances at my college where I was appreciated and recognized for. That’s when the idea struck me to get into the photography and fashion business.

Talking about my career, I was working as a Projects Planning Engineer in a reputed Oil and Gas contracting company based in Abu Dhabi. Whenever I got time to spare, I took up small commercial works and working for some clients covering their parties and events and also researching and updating myself on works of other international photographers to continuously inspire myself theoretically and practically and challenge myself. Gradually I realized that my heart craved to be known as a photographer than as an engineer which was when I made my decision to quit from my job and get out there, living and breathing photography and making my career out of it.

I now specialize in fashion, events and nightlife photography. And in these past four years I have had the opportunity to work with great people- different fashion designers, models, make-up artists, photographers and videographers.